Find & favorite your Sakai sites

A step by step guide teaching you how to access and keep track of your sites on Sakai

    1. Once you login to your Sakai account, you will be on your homepage, also known as “My Workspace.”
    2. From there, click on the “Sites” button in the upper right hand corner next to your profile picture and name.
    3. The next screen that pops up is known as your “Site Drawer” and shows a full list of the sites that you are a member of (both course sites and project/club sites).
Site drawer view

Site Drawer in Sakai

  1. “Favoriting” a site means that it will display on your top red banner at all times. To favorite Sakai sites, in your Site Drawer, click the star next to the site name and it will be added to your favorites.
    • You can organize and rearrange the order of the sites if you click the “Organize Favorites” tab under the sites screen.
Favoriting Sakai sites

Favorited sites are indicated by the yellow star

  1. In order to see the sites on your top red banner, you have to reload your page. After that you should be able to see the sites you favorited on the top of your screen at all times.