VoiceThread: add an identity

How to add an identityvthome

  1. Access VoiceThread from within your LMS. (Note: In Sakai, you may need to click a button “Press to continue to external tool” when accessing VoiceThread)
  2. Click on the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines) that appears in the upper left of the VoiceThread screen
  3. Choose “Go to VT Home.”
  4. While in VoiceThread: click on your email address in the upper right hand corner
  5. Click “My Identities”
  6. Click the green plus button, OR if there is a blank identity there (displaying as an empty gray box), hover over the gray box and click on the pencil icon that appears
  7. Enter your name (at least your first name and last initial)
  8. Add a photo by choosing “Upload from computer” or “Take a photo with webcam”
  9. Save

It’s very important that you add both an image and a name to your VoiceThread Identity. Without this, your instructor will not be able to properly grade your VoiceThread contributions.

Video instructions: How to add an identity