Webcam Recording Tips

Learn some tips on how to make better quality webcam videos, without spending any money!

  • No handhelds! Use a stationary laptop or prop up your phone to take a steady video of yourself.
  • No windows or lights behind you! The light coming from behind you will darken the rest of the area, and you won’t be able to see yourself in the video.
  • Try adding more light that shines on YOU and not the actual camera. The more light that shines on you, the more visible you become.
  • Improve your background… Move the laundry basket, whats on the wall? A cluttered background can easily take the attention away from the presenter and to the clutter.
  • Keep your camera at eye level, a camera pointing at the floor and the ceiling won’t catch as much attention, compared to the camera pointed at your face.
  • Look directly into the camera, not at the screen; looking directly in the camera will give the audience the sense that you are talking directly to them.
  • Practice a few times, so you don’t have to read on screen.