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Fully online programs

Rutgers University–Camden has several fully-online degree programs, and plans to add more. Currently, you can get a degree fully online with:

Individual online classes

Even if you’re not enrolled in a fully-online degree program, you may be interested in trying an online class or two. Be sure to check with your advisor if you have any questions about whether a particular class fits your course of study or helps fulfill your degree completion requirements.

How to find online classes, if you’re in a traditional (mainly classroom-based) academic program:

  • Check the Schedule of Classes online:
    • choose the semester
    • under Location, select “Rutgers Online Courses”
    • choose undergraduate or graduate
    • click continue
    • from the next screen, you can view online courses for any department in the Subject drop-down menu (note that if an academic department doesn’t appear in the list, that may mean that they aren’t offering online courses for this semester)
    • NOTE: the 2-digit code at the start of the course number indicates the school (e.g., 50 for Camden College of Arts and Sciences and 52 for School of Business–Camden). Check with your advisor before registering for a course in another school (e.g., 01 is a New Brunswick school).
University Schedule of Classes

University Schedule of Classes

  • For summer and winterim sessions, you can find a list of online courses: